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Canyon Run is a five piece Country/Americana group.

Lynda Krieger: Vocals, Guitar, Mandolin, Percussion.

Ally Vachon: Vocals, Percussion.

Bobby Vachon: Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica, Cajon, Kick.

James Rago: Guitar, Mandolin, Vocals.

Bill (Chicken Willie) Camara: Bass

 Canyon Run is a well rounded group of musicians, vocalists, and songwriters. The group places a high emphasis on harmony vocals. One of the main features of this group’s popularity is the acoustic feel of their live shows.

Acoustic guitars, Mandolin, Harmonica, and great four part harmony. They opt to use a cajon, and kick/thumper in place of a full drum kit, which really helps in keeping with the groups acoustic appeal. This is a group that can actually pull off an unplugged acoustic show if the power were to go out, and it’s happened.

    A Canyon Run show is a blend of Country cover songs, and strong original material. By the 2nd chorus of one of their originals, the group always finds folks in the audience singing with them. The group has an uncanny ability to connect, and engage an audience, be it with banter, and/or storytelling.  Laughter is always on the menu at a Canyon Run show.




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